For anyone starting a new food concept, colleges and universities are attractive prospects. For one, you have captured market. Another, especially in top schools like The Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), you know that students have higher spending power. Thank you parents for the huge allowance! So what is the procedure for setting up a stall in Ateneo?

Lets first break down the cafeteria location in Ateneo (map here)

Cafeteria Locations

AMPC Cooperative


  • Letter of Intent addressed to Mr. Karlo F. Galang (General Manager)
  • Product List (Max. 15 food items)
  • Price List
  • Serving Size
  • Picture per item
  • Nutrition value/ healthy offerings
  • Company Profile (franchise/ under company etc.)
  • Application Fee (Php 200.00)
  • If with existing business (food industry)
    • Barangay clearance
    • Business Permit
    • Sanitary Permit
    • DTI/SEC Permit
    • Financial Statement
    • BIR

Space: 2×2 meters or 1.7 (tentative)


  1. Rental fee: Php 40,000 for rice meals and Php 20,000 for non rice meals
  2. Lean months (January, August and December) rental fee: rice meal, Php 20,000. Non-rice meal, Php 10,000
  3. Security deposit: Php 120,000 for rice meal and Php 60,000 for non-rice meal.
  4. Electricity consumed per month based on the sub-meter reading or consumption used
  5. Water based on sales
  6. Garbage fee per month Php 400.00
  7. Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) consumption per month based on the sub-meter provided by the LPG supplier, if applicable
  8. 1% for rice meals and 0.005% for non-rice meals sub-con charges for use of dishwashing machine consumables.

Note: no duplication of products

For any concerns and queries regarding applications, you may contact them at:


telephone number: 426-6001 loc. 5107